Smart Building Systems
ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.5

Scope of TC 7.5

TC 7.5 is concerned with the performance and interactions of smart building systems (SBS), the impact of smart building systems on the total building performance, methods for achieving more intelligent control and operation of building processes, including supervisory control strategies and the optimization of dynamic building components and systems, interactions of smart buildings with utilities, and documentation of the benefits of smart buildings and smart building systems as they relate to energy consumption, cost of operation, maintenance, occupant comfort, building commissioning, operations, and impact of the SBS on utilities and natural resources.

TC 7.5 currently has four application-focused subcommittees, which form the backbone of the committee's activities: building operation dynamics, fault detection and diagnostics, enabling technologies, and building/utility interface. The enabling technologies subcommittee grew out of the original wireless subcommittee in 2013. We expect that the subcommittees will continue to respond as these fields become more mature and results of research become commonplace in HVAC&R practice and as the interests of committee members change over time. The key constant, however, will be a focus on smart building systems.  Read below about these subcommittees and check the Home page for meeting times.





Building Operations Dynamics Subcommittee

Fault Detection and Diagnostics Subcommittee

Enabling Technologies Subcommittee

Smart Grid Subcommittee

Other Activities